The Most Important Thing in Therapy

Published January 26th, 2020 by Hillside Wellness Center

So Therapy

Did you know that THE MOST important thing in therapy is the relationship between you and your therapist? Yup, this is true. Just like any other relationship, you and your therapist "clicking" is one of the most, if not, THE most important thing leading to successful therapy sessions.

Always know that if you don't feel connected to your therapist, this is okay. Therapists don't take it personal, we understand the importance of you connecting with us, and we will always understand if you may need to switch therapists, until you find one that you connect, "click" with.

Just be open and honest with your therapist and this will be the first step to you beginning therapy. By you being open and honest in sharing your thoughts and genuine feelings about the lack of connection, you are also being open and honest with YOURSELF.

Wow, look at that, therapy is working wonders already.

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