5 Quick Tips for College Students to Manage Anxiety Naturally

Published March 11th, 2020 by Hillside Wellness Center

Corrina Levine, AMFT

College is STRESSFUL! Whether you’re applying for college, preparing an undergrad thesis, or writing a dissertation in graduate school, the pressure is higher to excel than ever.

These stressful college situations often create high anxiety levels for young adults who are trying to gain a higher education. It is so important that college students take care of themselves, and manage this extremely common anxiety in healthy and productive ways.

Here are 5 Quick Tips for College Students to Manage Anxiety Naturally:

1. Breathe! - I know, breathing, really? YES! Most of us when anxious breathe incorrectly! Shallow quick anxiety breathing only makes it worse! Take long, deep breaths, 4 seconds in through the nose, 8 out through the mouth, and repeat. This will slow down your parasympathetic nervous system, reducing body temperature and decreasing anxiety, just by changing your breathing pattern!

2. Self-Care - This can come in many different forms, but consists of taking time of doing something for YOURSELF that YOU ENJOY. 30 minutes of any activity that you love that involves relaxation, whether it’s a bubble bath, playing video games, watching your favorite tv show, or playing with your pet, self-care is a crucial element of maintaining daily happiness.

3. Mindfulness - Is a concept that involves practicing checking in with yourself. Spend 20 minutes a day asking yourself how you’re feeling in your mind, body, and soul. Be present in the moment, and be honest with yourself about your feelings. Google “5 Minute Body Scan” for helpful quick mindfulness techniques.

4. Exercise - I know, we hear this one over and over, and we hate it. For those of you who love working out, you’re doing great! For those of us who have to push ourselves, take at least a 20 minute walk each day to get that blood pumping and the endorphins flowing. It DOES help decrease anxiety.

5. Externalize - Remind yourself that you control your anxiety, it does not control you! The more you remember you are in control, the easier it becomes to control it! If you are using these techniques and still struggling with managing anxiety, please seek help through your counselors or therapy!

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